Extreme Sophia Makeover

You might have wondered why my hair is suddenly white in the previous Halloween post.

It was not for Halloween.

It was a cosplay, and here I will explain what it was exactly.

It all started with a Sophia learning party.

It started quite well until we started sliding off, getting hit, became charmed and started killing each other…

The floor became our best new friend.

I’m not kidding.

That was when I realized how powerful Sophia was. If I became more like her, the Rise of the Lalafell would get closer!

So I started cosplaying her in order to feel more like the powerful Sophia!

I studied books about beauty, gold and glamour.

I even managed to organize my very own “face” to stand on!

It didn’t take long and Trem decided to become my slave maid idk whatever!!!11

It didn’t last long and I really couldn’t feel Sophia’s power floating through me so I gave up. Just like I gave up winning against Sophia.

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