Halloween 2016: Adorable Ghosts of the Haunted Manor

Once upon a time, half a year ago to be more exact, there was a Halloween event called “All Saint’s Wake”. And it was fun.

The downside is, I haven’t reported about it and now it’s nicely warm outside. It doesn’t fit into the current season but there is no choice…

Remember the eerie and sinister times of Halloween now ò.ó

These two imps were up to no good as every year, but this year (2016) they had a special something planned.

A haunted manor!

I quickly ran around to gather my friends so that we could go together.

Loxie was like “I’ll join if you can scare me”.

So I disguised myself as a super scary ghost!

It didn’t have the desired effect but I didn’t give up.

Not even my minion scared her! T_T

So I left and just took Mag and Chelci with me instead. PFFFF!

The imps had re-decorated Haukke Manor.

It now looked like a real haunted house.

Pumpkins everywhere.

You could feel the eerieness in every room.

An Imp welcomed us and gave us a random task. After completing 3 tasks successfully, we would get a reward and were allowed to leave again.

We had to find specific pumpkins, find magical portals, find out a lock combination and much more!

At the same time, if a roaming monster saw us, they transformed us into a pumpkin! x_x;;

Here you can see a gathering of some poor souls who were discovered and never made it out.

Everywhere, you could find paw or foot prints.

Only that these here went along a wall like it was normal x_x

Here I am, checking a pumpkin chest but it was just a chest, nothing special…

But what was that on the bed? O.O

A massive, sick ghost! x_x

Finally, we had succeeded with all tasks and were allowed to leave.

But first, we took our reward!

Later, we could exchange the rewards for cool Halloween themed stuff. I totally remember what it was. We got some fireworks for sure.

Not only I had enjoyed the house but also the little kitten from last year (2015).

Her mom was equally excited!

Much to the imps’ surprise because the haunted house was supposed to scare the hell out of them!

I gathered more people and went back in again.

I also explored some of the rooms.

Here you have a ghost who tried to kill a ghost by pushing their chair over…

In another room, there was a ghostly orchestra!

This is Mr. Chairman Ghost of the Ghost Academy – or something like that. At least he has a desk that makes him look important.

“WHO STEPPED ON MY BED?”, this ghost cried and looked at my tiny feet.

“They even stepped all over my favorite pumpkin!”

To guard his beloved pumpkins more, the ghost started piling them up.

To be honest, the haunted house was rather adorable.

I do have one scary screenshot for you though. Look at my outfit!!

I know Trem was super unimpressed at the time, but I find it hilariously terrifying… It’s so bad and awful and just… Wrong.




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