Alexander: Time Travel Truth

I hope you didn’t believe that the last post was the end of Alex. Cause there’s more.

We might have defeated an Alex but we were still inside the actual Alex.

Roundox used her glowstone to shut down the aethers inside Alex for good.

*wooshing noises*

*system shutdown noises*


And everything was shut down for good. Right?


The Illuminati bas wasn’t dead! He had modified his body because he knew this was coming and had made himself into an android!

And now he tried to command Alex once more.

But it wouldn’t work. An alarm ringed and red flashy lights started blinking.

Alex was refusing the command!

The codex scattered! O.O;

That was when Mide suddenly started acting like she knew what was going on. She knew that her loved one was there, inside Alex and that he was calling for her.

She knew what she had to do.

Roundox ran up to her to stop her.

A last smile…

…and Mide threw herself down into the crystal-engine to die.

The light grew bigger and bigger and even if we heard Mide’s voice reassuring us that we’d be fine, we decided it was time to run like hell to escape from Alex.

Thanks to my amazing skills I saw Mide and her lover in an Aetheric world like the one around the mother crystal.

They had a serious discussion about what had happened.

And I did change their time and stopped the circle.

Thanks to one individual…

Roundox wanted to build her own town just like the one she had seen within Alex. One with a lot of junk that’s actually big treasure. She also wanted to talk to Mide again to thank her and give her the not glowing Glowstone as present.

That was when the lil kitten appeared again!

Roundox gave her the Glowstone and asked her to bring it to Mide.

The kitten left and back at the camp, we had a Goblin read us from the book.

It now contained stories about the future!

Turns out, somehow Mide and her lover had a happy life with Roundox’ Glowstone in their possession!

We talked about this for a long time. I was just happy that Roundox was happy about what had just happened.

This time, we could truly say that the Alex quest is completed.


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