Alexander A11 + A12: Super Mecha, Deathray and Shootdown

We were back from our time travel.

Surprised that it was rather easy yet tragic, it was time for some smart words.

Quickie started the discussion:

He was the first to discover that we were experiencing a circle. The things that happened would happen again and again, whatever we did!

Time to do something about that. So we proceeded to the heart of Alex, a massive aetheric crystal.

But of course, an enemy awaited us there. It was no Goblin. It was…

…a Mecha! ö____ö

It didn’t look as cool as a Gundam, but my heart still started to beat faster.

In an attempt to board the Mecha and make it my own, I unfortunately failed and jumped past it :\

It was more of a Vakyre than a Gundam due to its versatility and transformation.

If it can’t be mine, then nobody can have it.

We wrecked it.

THat’s when the Illuminati Goblin boss appeared again with his book and his lil kitten.

That’s when the kitten suddenly grabbed the book and brought it to us.

It was the exact book that Wedge had kept as diary from what had happened – except that it was from the future!

Biggs noticed that it was the cat the jumped off Alex a few moments ago fro us but years passed for the kitten!

The Illuminati boss god mad for us stealing his book and beloved cat and activated the codex.

He created a time barrier bubble around us.

In the bubble, a tiny version of Alex appeared! O.O;

And he shot a laser beam at us for a certain death.

But the bubble had perished seconds before and I had good eyes.

So I evaded like a potato!

Everyone survived. No casualities.

I just noticed now how close it had been.

Alex had disappeared and left behind a bubble.

Remember it well, you will come across it later.

Also remember this whole situation of us JUST evading the beam.

Time to get over it and move on to killing the Illuminati!

Bt first, a group picture! :D

Next up, we were warped into a platform surrounded by clouds.

It was somewhere in a time bubble in some dimension or something.

Alex was already waiting for us, just he was bigger than before. Were we still inside him? Cause I think he must be bigger from the inside than from the outside.

The Alex spread wings and looked like an angel. O.O

Feathers everywhere!

This Alex was special. It would actively freeze time for all of us except him so he could attack us!

Whoooope, someone took a picture of my Goblin undercover outfit! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!

In the end, we defeated Alex.

Have you ever been a DPS who goes inside one of the 4 bubbles that appear during the fight? Have you ever looked down and observed what’s happening there?


Go there and check it right now. It’s time travel deluxe.

Anyway, we beat Alex! Weeeee!

The Illuminati boss was super distraced by this and let Mide sneak up on him. Mide didn’t hesitate a second and killed the boss with a bullet through his tin can head.

The End.


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