Alexander A9 + A10: Schrödinger’s Cat

You surely remember the Primal Alexander. There have been many excursions with Mide, the blue haired Au Ra, into the depths of Alex.

Now it is time to solve the mysteries of Alex.

It all started with the little kitten coming to us.

We found some Illuminati and bla.

After long talks that I didn’t really listen to, Cid came with his Airship that he ahd modified to break through Alexander’s barrier.

He easily broke through and let us down on a platform.

Only then I noticed how massive Alex actually was O.O;

You could also call it a playground. There is this funny fountain…

…that pushes you into the air!

This proved that Lalafell can fly, right?


We entered through a hatch and came across this evil dude with a massive, mechanical arm O.o;

It didn’t really hurt us and after destroying it, we proceeded further.

Apparently, destroying that one armed bandit (LOL) initiated a shift in Alexander and he started moving out of the barrier!

A meeting was held again. Blabla.

But suddenly, the Illuminai boss appeared!

And by his side, the lil kitten.


…wasn’t she right next to us?!

Biggs had an explanation for this:

I assume they weren’t aware that maybe there were just two black cats with the same necklace. It had to be one and the same cat… Or was that really the case? o.o;

Anyway, through the newly found entrance, we made out way into a town within Alex.

Of course an other Goblin was waiting to kill us.

I threw a muffin to his feet and he ate it. I threw the next muffin off the cliff and he jumped after.

Then we passed while eating the rest of the muffins.

Finally, we found the kidnapped Roundox. She was chained to a chair with a weird thing on her head. Looked like a thing that hairdressers use to curl your hair…

With it, the codex could be activated.

A giant seal that was floating around turned from blue to red. This was a really bad sign.

The codex started glowing like crazy!

That’s when Wedge and Biggs reported some weird movement from the outside and Cid explained that wer’re traveling into the past, so there is nothing to worry about.

It was at the time when Mide, her lover and the others had discovered the codex and activated it.

Funny enough this is when we appeared in the past with Alex!


Even Wedge and Biggs were now convinced of time travel.

Unfortunately, the Illuminati appeared, killed Mide’s friends and Alex sucked Mide’s lover into a swirl of wind where he disappeared. it was as if Alex had sucked him up o.o

Suddenly, the lil kitten jumped around, but I wasn’t there so I actually couldn’t have seen what happened and I forgot what Wedge had told me about this so I’ll assume, it wasn’t important.

Past-Mide did something to the codex, probably trying to get her beloved back.

But the codex burst into small pieces and hurt Mide’s face!

And then, Alex disappeared back into the future.

Mide was left alone without her friends, her love and her re





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