Holiday in Japan: Food of Eorzea Café in Tokyo

Eorzea Café offers a lot of different FFXIV themed food and drinks.

As drinks, they have cocktails of each job, of each primal and character-based drinks.

The following set is a seasonal (Songbird Event) set. It comes with dango that have a Cactuar, Moogle and Bomb face on them! So cute! Next to it is a Mochi with filling, wrapped in a leaf. And of course some green tea.

This tea is a Tataru tea with petals. It’s as kind as Tataru and makes you feel all relaxed.

Here you can see a Chocobo cocktail and a Moogle beer. I think it wasn’t actually beer but made to look like marshmallows. XD

As starters, they have a virety of choices. I tried Ysayle’s Soup because it reminded me of when we all sat together at the at the camp near Moghome on our journey to save Ishgard and the Dragons.

Mag tried the Typhoon Takoyaki. One of them is full of Wasabi and super spicy. Mag’s famous words were “It’s not as spicy as I thought.”, then he suddenly bit into the Wasabi one.

This Dzemael Family Gratin actually looks like a Bowl of Embers. It’s some kind of potato gratin. Really tasty!

Don’t mix it up with the Ball of Embers. It’s a potato ball with crispy baked/fried peppers set on fire.

Another meal that was set on fire was the Tonberry Omurice. Delicious Basilic flavored Rice went really well with the soft omelette and the traces of blood ketchup.

Mag tried the Ravana soup bowl. It did not contain any bugs, luckily.

As a refreshing drink inbetween, we tried the Moogle fruit juice mix. It was a drink served in a pineapple. If this isn’t awesome in itself then I don’t know what is!

They also had a demon wall dessert. It was honey toast with cream, ice cream and fruits. Make sure to evade the AOE attacks on the floor while eating!!

I ordered this adorable minion dessert!

Unsure what it actually was, I took a bite. It was slightly green tea flavored fluffy cake with chocolate filling. GODLIKE! Every time I look at this minion, I get hungry now… >.<

With each meal, you get a random coaster. This are first coasters Mag and me received from our first orders.

On the second visit, Mag won the Cactpot lottery!

We weren’t sure if we should be happy or sad because it’s a massive dessert that they would serve us.

It contains ice cream, american pancakes, bisquits, cream, marshmallows, massive lemon toast, more cream, fruits, cornflakes and chocolate money (actually British Pound with the Queens face on them). You wouldn’t be surprised if I told you we didn’t manage to eat it all, right? XD

After Eorzea Café we were stuffed and full. Please note that the food above comes from two visits. I haven’t chosen every piece we ordered but the most interesting ones. The job and primal cocktails are also very nice but beware to not order too many alcoholic ones. XD

Look at what Mag bought at the Merchandise corner!

I wanted to buy one too but Mag said no. :\

Did you like my posts about the Eorzea Café and want to go there yourself? The next blog post will be a guide about how to reserve and pick up an Eorzea Cafe ticket as well as how the Café works, how to find it and what to enjoy.

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