Holiday in Japan: Eorzea Café in Tokyo

Tokyo is home to the first Eorzea Café in Japan. It is located in Akihabara. Finding it is a challenge if you don’t know where you have to look: Pasela Resorts, super small entrance door, only advertisement in written katakana outside the building.

Inside, you can find a merchandise corner with a few selected goods. If you want some T-Shirts in any size but S, make sure to come here as early as possible.

When the time had come, we were handed iPads with the menu and guided to the entrance of the Eorzea Café!

A Lalafell Retainer welcomed us. I’m not joking. The waitress was a small Lady in retainer outfit. ö.ö At least the second time we visited.

The inside is Gridania themed. It looks really amazing. They put a lot of work into it.

The room has several small tables and during late March, there was something lying on the tables… Could it be…?

It was a small poster of the songbirds! ö.ö We asked the staff if we could take them home. Now, mine is hanging on my door and always reminding me of the great times at Eorzea Café.

The room has a bar with a variety of bottles that allow the staff to mix the cocktails and drinks from the menu.

In the middle of the room is the Moogle space. They are watching over the visitors and guarding the PCs and PS4 on which you can log into Eorzea.

The walls are decorated with pictures, monitors and weapon replicas!

The best Moogles are of course the drinking Moogle and the Post Moogle.

Near the entrance, there is an actual framed picture of Hildibrand and Nashu! I want this one!!

This is the ipad with the menu.

You could order as much as you wanted within the 2h time slot. Curious about the awesome food choices? Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about the drinks and food they offer.

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