Holiday in Japan: The traditional side of Kyoto, Arashiyama, Fushimi Inari, Hanami

Japan has many faces. So far I’ve shown you the nerdy and cool face. Now it’s time to show you the calm and traditional face.

In Kyoto, we had a room in a Ryokan. This is a traditional japanese style hotel. Already from the outside it looked traditional but well maintained of course.

The inside gave off a really nice flair of old Japan. The staff was very welcoming and even spoke english! When they noticed that I do speak some japanese, they tried to use easy Japanese to explain everything. It was really awesome!

Our room was obviously also a japanese style room. This is the room, behind the doors are our luggage and a water cooker with tea bags. In all hotels they have so far offered free tea. Behind where the picture was taken is the bathroom. You wonder where to sleep? Well, move the table and the “chairs” to the side and take out the futon matraces from the cupboard on the left. That’s how you make your own bed in japanese style.

Japan has a lot of temples and shrines and you will find millions of pictures of them. That’s why I decided to not post pictures of all the temples/shrines. Instead, please enjoy a small trip through Arashiyama, an older part of Kyoto with a lot of shrines, temples, old streets, small stores, amazing snacks, touristy stores and a bamboo forest!

The bamboo forest is most impressive. The bamboo trees reach up to the sky and offer shadowy pathways to the visitors. It’s a relaxing and impressive sight.

When tired from all the walking, there are some nice opportunities to rest along the way.

Here we found a place that sells dango.

So we sat down and had a few of these lovely soft balld with honey sauce and green tea. IT was so relaxing to just sit down for a few minutes and forbet about the touristy sightseeing.

Japanese people have the most amazing ice cream flavors. This one tasted like white chocolate and green tea. O.O;;;

Near some temples or shrines, there are booths with different types of food. They offer so many things, you will surely find something for yourself to enjoy.

Here we got squid rings, yakisoba (noodles with vegetables and meat) and sweet corn! All awesomely tasty. I highly recommend trying out these booths. Sometimes, they even have chocolate banana! ö.ö

Let’s continue the path through the more and more rural Arashiyama. The further you follow the streets, the less touristy it becomes. It’s simply beautiful!

Here and there they have displayed their goods and sometimes even have selfmade items to offer. Here I found a circle of adorable owls!

They would have these kind of small “sceneries” in front of the houses.

You could find old stores that sell sake, bamboo products, cute figures made of silk cocoon, beautiful cloth, selfmade paper, variety of fans and much more. All shopkeeps were really nice and helpful.

Another day, we visited the Gion area in Kyoto. It’s where the geishas used to have their establishments. Nowadays, it’s full of tourists and they offer Geisha and Maiko dance performances. Needless to say, we went to see one.

There is one Shrine that I always wanted to visit. The Fushimi Inari Shrine. It’s known for its 1000 red gates. You will ususally see two fox statues guarding the gates.

The foxes are the messengers of god Inari who is living inside the mountain. The red gates are donations to the shrine and build up long pathways on which you can walk across the mountain.

How to destroy beautiful scenery dreams, left of the arrow in below photo it says “Hair Cleanin…” XD

The arrow was purchasable at the shrine at the bottom of the mountain. It is for good luck or something. Certainly I knew I always wanted such an arrow (because Kazuha from Detective Conan got such an arrow at a shrine once…). The funny part of the story is that it didn’t fit in our suitcases. So we walked through town for hours and checked all the stores, until Mag finally discovered a very small store that sold tools. There, I bought a small hand saw and sawed the arrow into two pieces that fit into the suitcase! :D At home, I glued it together. Well, I intend to cause my super glue is dried and I have to buy a new one first… XD

And here is my most favorite and hardest picture I took: An empty red gate pathway.

It’s so beautiful and I just love that place ö.ö

We weren’t in Japan in the time we were there just for fun. it was for the Cherry blossoms!

In the second week of the holiday, they were in full bloom in Tokyo. It was the most beautiful flower scenery I’ve experienced all over town.

In parks, people reserved picknick spots under the rewws with blue plastic blankets and cardboard cartons as tables for their friends, family or coworkers.

Everyone seemed really happy and took many pictures and especially selfies in front of the cherry blossoms.

In Meguro, there is a canal that has paths of cherry blossom trees on both sides. A wonderful sight!

With the sun shining through the petals, you might notice that the smallest things can make you smile.

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