Holiday in Japan: Gashapon and Pokémon Center

Japan is the home of Gashapon Machines. It is a machine where you put 300-500 Yen in and get a plastic ball (similar to the surprise eggs but bigger and without the chocolate) out of it. Inside is one random item from those that are advertised on the outside of the machine. So you will certainly get one of the cool items and not something super random like with surprise eggs.

They have these gashapon machines everywhere but in one department store in Kyoto we found walls of these!

On the right side you can see the FFXIV Gachapons. They have key chains with various characters.

Mag managed to get me nanamo and Tataru! So adorable <3 They are now hanging in my room near my PC. :D

Of course we had to check out the Pokémon Center in Tokyo. Later on I got to know that there was one in Kyoto and it had super adorable Kimono Pikachus. ARGH! >.<;;

Anyway, the Pokémon Center is an experience for everyone who ever enjoyed Pokémon.

They have figures all over the store inbetween the merchandise. Here is Pikachu riding on some legendary Pokémon whose name I never knew because there are so many.

Next up some figures of the Starter Pokémon from Sun and Moon. They are decorated for spring and Easter time already.

Need some merchandise? No problem, they got it. And they surely have a Pikachu that suits you. With this I mean, it’s dressed up. Unless you like it without clothes…

They have anything you can imagine and more.

The only thing they didn’t have was a Mimikyu figure…

But they had all these adorable Pikachus everywhere ö.ö

At the check out, they had the typical japanese queue (nobody cuts queues in Japan except tourists maybe if they are ignorant). They also had even more Pikachus!

Mag discovered something. A Mimikyu plushie! But you had to join the lottery to win it.

He got 2 tickets an won it for me! ö.ö Thanks again!! I put it on my TV furnishing so that I will always see it!

Here is my haul from Pokémon Center:

Unfortunately, I can’t find my Rowlet plushie (the little owl plushie) anymore. ;_; I’ve looked everywhere (so I think) and I might have put it at an unusual spot but it’s not even in the cellar in my “old plushie bag”. If you have any ideas where I might have put it, any hint is welcome!


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