Holiday in Japan: Tokyo, Akihabara and the Nerdy side of Japan

From end of March to beginning of April 2017 I was in Japan with Mag. It was my first trip but this time, I organized everything myself. It worked out really well and we got to see everything that was planned!

Of course we had to visit Akihabara in Tokyo. It’s THE place to go if you like Anime, Manga, Games and the like. The buildings are full of things for you to buy. And when I say that, I mean there are several floors of merchandise or Arcade gaming opportunities in all these buildings!

For example in Taito Station building, there are several floors of Arcade, Crane and other games. This one had FFCIV stuff and although it said “easy” on it, it wasn’t actually easy!

Mag managed to get one of the Thancred figures. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the Nutkin and after several tries, we gave up. ;_;

Some floors up they had Dissidia Arcades! Mag tried the tutorial and I watched him. It looked really fun but we didn’t really understand what was happening or what we were supposed to do. XD

In the middle, it has a glowing crystal with which you could summon the avatar you selected at the start. And they looked way more epic than the Summoner Egis…

In Akihabara, there is a lot of advertisement. It’s everywhere.

So we stumbled upon a wall where they showed a Final Fantasy XIV advertisement! Of course I had to take a picture.

The Kotobukiya store is pretty awesome. As most other merchandise stores, it has several floors but this one has the cool stuff. I mean, SE products, Ghibli products, Mechas…

Here is a part of their SE assortment. They even had the Moogle slippers o.o;;

Currently, it’s a popular trend to have themed cafés. Which I really like because it’s cool.

They also have a Gundam Café! @_@;;

As Gundam fan I had to check it out. The inside was rather full so I didn’t manage to take a picture with few or no people on it… The merchandise area on the right of below photo was very small and only had items of the recent Gundam series. I was hoping for a transparent Haro umbrella but they didn’t have those anymore.

We walked on to this shopping center. It looks like nothing special at first, right?

But look closely because the Square Enix Café is there!

The Square Enix Café is currently themed after Final Fantasy XV for obvious reasons. We didn’t reserve a table but didn’t need it as we just wanted to check out the Merchandise area.

They had so many things! O.O; What you can’t see in the picture are jewelery items, CDs, DVDs, games, Artbooks etc.

But of course there is more to see in Japan than just Akihabara and Merchandise.

Before you wonder, yes, we were at Eorzea Café but as the nerdy main attraction, I will tell you about it later to build suspence. :D First, I’d like to tell you about the FFXIV Gashapon machines in the next post tomorrow.


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