Epic Paint Masterpiece about Eorzea Café in Tokyo, Japan

I drew this masterpiece in MS paint in mid March 2017. It was before the trip to Japan with Mag and of course the “Please look forward to it”-feeling was big!

The time slot for 28th March at Eorzea Café was booked. As there is currently not too much to do ingame, we were looking forward to both the Eorzea Café and the Stormblood expansion.

Anyone get the pun? It goes like this:

What happened when the waitress tripped at Eorzea Café?

The server went down.


I always laugh at this one. It never gets old for me.

If you ever chat to me and wanna make me laugh, tell me this pun. kthx!

Can you guess what’s coming soon to my blog? Nerdy photos of Eorzea Café and more!


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