Heavensward Story 3.4: Massive Garuda Egis in Xelphatol

So turns out, I had to do all the work myself once more.

In order to check out the primal summonings that were commited once more, I was to venture deep into Ixal territory to find their leader who was known to summon massive Garudas.

Of course I had a second interest: I needed to find out how he did it so that I could replace my ridiculous Garuda-Egi by an elegant and strong version.

Of course the Ixal lived in an awfully awful area that wasn’t nice to visit at all.

As they couldn’t fly themselves, some of them had created small baloons with which they could float in the air for a while. Not bad o.o;

Walking deeper into their caves, the building style and everything really strongly reminded me of something.

It was a mine from a different dimension. Movalpolos from Vana’diel!

Directly, I had a funny music in my head.

We ventured forth as we had been told and slayed all the Ixal. The moment I wanted to take the headpiece off this guy for glamour purposes, he disappeared! Great. <.<

Then we found this amazing tool of movement.

With the power of wind magic, you can move on these installations across the deepest depths. Just hold on tight to not fall down!

Finally, we reached the boss of the tribe. He looked decently strong. For sure I knew that only by wielding Garuda’s stadd, summonings are not possible.

He then summoned Garuda.

I was like “Hey man, mind teaching a fellow Summoner how you do it?”

He just grunted and send Garuda after us.

Obviously he had to die for his missing cooperation.

When suddenly, the Warriors of Darkness appeared.

They seemed to have met Alisaie and were surprised how Alphinaud wasn’t injured. But their smart cat figured out that they were twins.

The Warrior told us a little story: How light consumed their world.

What did he expect from us? That we felt bad for them after they kept attacking us and made our lives miserable for ages?

And then there was this robed and masked guy that somehow looked familiar but I didn’t wanna guess cause idk… Another traitor?

I just wanted to go back and report our findings to Tataru.


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