Heavensward Story 3.4: The most romantic dinner…?

One fine day, I received a fancy card with an invitation.

It was from Aymeric and he invited me over for a meal.

I did not expect a romantic candle light dinner, but of course I didn’t refuse any second of it!

It was perfect! Aymeric and me talked about this and that while enjoying the excellently prepared food.

Aymy seemed very happy too! ö.ö;

When suddenly, the bubble was destroyed by the butler offering more wine!

Even Aymeric was politely sending him away – while accepting some wine obviously!

But the butler had other plans.

He was quite creative and decided to mix us a special drink. Without our request. And without leaving us alone.

So I saw him starting to mix weird things together…

This is when I had a deja vu.

What to do…?

It was too late to stop Aymeric! He was already drinking all the wine! x_x;;

I already blamed myself for his death.

When suddenly, some awful servants entered with some awful message.

Alisaie had been injured and needed my immediate examination.

I was not amused.

Aymeric wasn’t either.

Unfortunately, Aymeric was a man of duty and forced me to go.

One more reason to dislike Alisaie.

Then, Tataru asked me to check her. Of course there was no way to say no to Tataru!

Alisaie was fine. After some Esunas and Cures, I let her slowly recover with a Regen spell, cast in Cleric stance. So that it takes a little longer.

She then whispered this to me:


Where the hell did she get that information from? <.<;

Tataru decided to inform the others. Seems like I had no choice but to go with Tataru’s guidance and help out save Eorzea once more.

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