Let Me Gubal That for You – The Gubal Library (Hard) Dungeon

One fine day I came across this beautifully named quest:

Let Me Gubal That for You.

It spoke to me. I do this so often for friends and colleagues who seem incapable of doing so themselves. In return, they see me as some kind of god in some areas and come to me with more questions about said topics which I google as well :D

Funny enough, Gubal is a massive Library, basically like Google.


The books pile up to the ceilings – if there are any.

Books, wherever you look.

But there is a catch. You can’t just safely walk through it and check out all the books. Unlike Google, you have to fight the viruses and monsters yourself!

You have massive book works that try to devour you.

There are some books that aren’t books but monsters who want to eat you in one bite!

But once you have defeated them, magic happens. You have to look carefully but eventually you can find magic books that bring you further, higher!

Some books are locked away because their content is so sensitive.

I’m sure if we tried, we could unlock them and see all your embarassing screenshots!!

(Yes, I mean you, you who is reading this right now!)

The statues of the protectors of the books come to life whenever you get too close to them. It’s liek a “Movement detector”. So be careful!

In the end, if you try to steal a book illegally, a massive Owl descends from the hall of books.

It will force you to “Check it out” and throws books at you.

It’s not just any books. It’s your most embarassing moments in Eorzea you have ever encountered – even if you didn’T take screenshots of it – surely someone else has done this for you. :D

If the battle drags on, the owl will summon an adorable Behemoth out of a book.

In an attempt to defeat the Behemoth, unfortunately, the magical book was destroyed. I was already looking forward to finally have a book my size from which I can summon an Egi that’s worth my power.


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