Praise the Paissa

I found out that I had this post prepared for a year but failed to hot “schedule” when finalizing it. So it was never actually published. It is from March 2016… Please enjoy it! :D

I finally obtained the Paissa minion!

While I was trying out new outfits to prepare for the wedding, it was always by my side. I know, I’m only a guest, but I still wanna look nice ò.ó;;

2016-02-07 Rii Paissa

That was when one morning, I suddenly woke up and felt somehow different.

I mean, I rolled out of the bed as usual, but I felt like my tummy was even bigger and my legs were way more shorter!

Pff, whatever! Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten all those bubble chocolates and muffins that Ley had given me. <.<

Anyway, it was time to venture forth and unlock the Gnath beastmen dailies.

Somehow, the Gnaths stared at me, like I was some kind of insect to them.

Once they had sniffed me, they lifted me up and put me into their food storage!!

When I panically asked, what they were thinking and that I was the hero of light that saved Eorzea several times, they looked at me weirdly and locked me in.

Luckily, after a few moments, I was able to sneak away.

I just don’t know what went wrong!


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