I’m back with Blog Statistics!

Hello everyone,

Do you remember me? It’s Riiko Rinkoko from Eorzea!

Yes, I’m still alive and yes, I do have not posted anything for about 4 months. The laziness had taken the better of me but I decided that the draught in content before Stormblood release is a unique chance to catch up on the thousands of screenshots and hundreds of posts that I still have to write.

What motivated me most were the statistics of my blog. I love overviews and statistics.

First up, the overview of all-time posts, views and visitors.

Funny enough, the 30th August 2016 had the most views ever although there was no blog update on that day at all. One day before, a post entitled Moogles just want one thing: Free Kupo Nuts was published. Maybe there is a connection!

Next up the total visitors per year. As you can see, in 2014 with ARR my blog became slowly popular. 2015 and 2016 were quite well-going years! ö.ö In 2017, despite having nearly no posts published, there were still visitors!

I would like to thank you so much for still being interested :D

Below you can find an overview of views (they didn’t have this for visitors) per month and year. It seems the months of August and September are the most popular ones. Is it because of school summer holidays?

The most popular day and hour of the week is Thursday, 10pm. I guess that’s daytime for US?

My followers consist of the following:

The Social ones are split by my facebook and twitter followers:

And now, the most interesting thing. A map displaying the location of my visitors! This overview displays the all-time visitor numbers and countries.

Below you can find a list sorted by numbers of views. I’ve only displayed those countries that have a total of 400 or more views.

Comparing my parrotlet website and this one, I clearly have built up a decently known site that I want to continue both of them and increase popularity.

Why? Because I love to entertain you! (This is not sponsored by a german TV channel!)

It’s true though. I actually really like writing the blogs and I need to take more time for them.
See you around soon,



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