Wondrous Tails: Khloe the pun master

Why should we still do anything anymore? Old content and battles are obsolete and stuff so why should we even leave our house or appartment?

Here is the answer.

Your reason is Khloe.


It’s this lovely young cat in Idyllshire. She’s collecting stories for her sad and lonely friend whose parents are missing in order to cheer her up.

So it’s up to you to help her out!


Rowena keeps an eye on lil Khloe to ensure nobody harms her and she’s doing alright. Rowena is also supplying Khloe with rewards that she gives out in exchange for stories.


How could anyone not help Chloe?!


She is even the most awesome pun master I’ve ever seen:


Every week, Khloe prepares a book that looks like this.

On the left you see the dungeons you have to complete. For each complete dungeon you get a sticker on the right side. Below you can find the reward list. So if you complete some of the stickers to meet the requirements for rewards, you get cool stuff.


This is the most vital things that keeps most of us still doing things. Especially unsynched Ex Primal fights in DF. And people are even happy when there are a few new people as they give “Second Chance” points. With these ponts you can shuffle the stickers you already obtained to get 1 or 2 lines for cool rewards. You can also re-do a duty you already completed for more stickers.

Help Khloe, get stuff, keep yourself active!


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