Housing Project: “Mag’s Scary Dinosaur Home”

Mag has a scary but stylish house.

Frequently, he wants to adjust and improve and asks me for his support. It’s really hard for me to read his mind to know what he wants as he doesn’t specify. “I want it to be more epic”.

So he came home to this one day:


When he opened the coffin, he found the most amazing view he ever saw in his life.



Quickly, he walked away. ;_;


I upgraded my apprearance in an attempt to charm him, but he was not amused ;_;


Instead, he invited me to sit on the Moogle sofa. :\ That works too I guess.


Then, he made me craft the furnishings of his dreams.


We put them in the garden.

All of a sudden, meteors rained down and burned the Dinosaur. This is why Mag only has a skeleton now. :\


Anyway, he was happy and I celebrated big time!


He told me, I had to now make his garden look like Jurassic park.


Housing Designer Riiko at your service!!

In a later post I will show you what I have done to his house. His neighbours just loved a special element of it that showed fire, passion and a terrible destiny.


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