Go Go Posing Rangers!

It was back in the warm summer days when several booths were opened at the Costa del Sol beach.

Also this year, it seemed like a normal beach event.


Some weird Power Ranger music started playing and 3 masked persone were standing on top of the cliff, then jumped down.




GO GO POSING RANGERS! Any time ready!!


After their flashy appearance, they admitted that they needed my help because posing was everything they were able to do. What they needed was training under a skilled person like me.

I agreed to train them individually to enhance their strengths.

The Yellow Ranger wanted to battle bombs but they kept exploding on him…

After days of training, they finally were ready to challenge the next enemy:

It was a giant bomb that summoned many bomb minions.

They tried to blow up the beach and all innocent people with it!!

Thanks to our training and the help of some adventurers, we managed to defeat the bomb king.

And so, the Rangers taught their poses to everyone who helped them!

Afterwards, we were all able to enjoy the beach to our fullest.

Yet, I can’t help but wonder where I have seen these suspicious three people before…

And where have the Go Go Rangers suddenly disappeared to?


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