Minion Army Recruitment

After recruiting all those Yo-Kai that joined my minion army, I decided to look for minions from Eorzea, not from an other world…

But first, Mag asked me to craft something for him.

You cannot believe how deep my regrets were. I do not regret the FATE farm for Yo-Kai but I do regret crafting this outfit.


I easy my eyes, I went to see Ley.

Ley’s glamours never disappoint.


I also tried to recruit her little chocobo into my minion army.


I tried real hard with hugs and bribes, but she kept declining. :\


I even tried menacing her with my newly obtained tentacle gun.


That was when the Cat police arrived. Officer Chel and Leo took me into custody and scolted me. :\


Guess I won’t be recruiting the black chocobo chick Ley any time soon. ;_;

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