Yo-Kai Watch: The FATE Grind is real

I cannot see FATEs anymore.

To be honest, whenever I hear the word “FATE”, a cold chill runs down my spine.

And here is why:

There was this event, right?

A dude came to the Gold saucer and was talking about Yo-Kai, demons or ghosts from another world.

Wonderful, the monsters escaped from Palace of the Dead or something…?

In worry, adventurers gathered.

Yet, we couldn’t have been wronger.

I was lead to this weird Allagan Treasure chest.

When suddenly, it opened and dropped a mini ADS.

That mini ADS suddenly started glowing. Was it enraging in my hand?

I had a bad feeling about it.

A very bad feeling!!

When suddenly, a ridiculous looking ghost appeared.

It talked about Yo-Kai and how I should catch them all.

I obtained a watch and was asked to do FATEs. Doing FATEs would result in the watch giving me little token that I could exchange for more Yo-Kai. And Weapons. And if I catch them all, I get cool mounts.

And so, the FATE grind started.

My first Yo-Kai and first weapon.

Was only a few FATEs. Not too bad.

So I thought to myself.

About 70 FATEs or so later, I had obtained all Yo-Kai:

Only about 700 FATEs later, I also had obtained all weapons.

And I had gone crazy.

At least I got a cool, glowing mount, which is nice.


I wasn’t the only one who went insane. It took days, weeks of FATE grinding and I do not with to speak about this dark time in my life ever again.


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