Palace of the Dead: An unfortunate encounter

A new Palace was opened.

The palace of the dead.

Well, it was not just opened like this, really. It was discovered by some archaeology and magic researchers.

They would only let you enter if you got permission from some dude in Quarrymill.

Ever since, Quarrymill is overrun by adventurers who want to explore the palace, kill some dead monsters and claim exciting loot.

Once I heard of it, I called for my fellow adventurers to help. Many joined but only groups of a maximum of 4 were allowed to enter at once.

I decided to have an exploration static with Chel, Mag and Trem.

Why those 3?

Well it’s easy. Nowadays with the increasing demotivation, you can’t be picky who you take.

Ok, seriously, Chel is reliable and reasonable. Mag is powerful but short tempered. Trem is wise but an old Elezen. And I am a cute potato. We make up for each other’s weak spots and bring out the best in each other!

This is how it looks. You can have 2 save slots / entry groups and climb the floors of the palace. If you go with a fixed parts (like in save slot 1), you may only go with these adventurers and these fixed jobs.

Here is our most awful team.

Why awful? We all went on jobs we rarely played at the time:

(from left to right) Mag: AST, Trem: BLM, Chel: PLD, Rii: DRG

I can tell you, that place is awesome. The floors look different the higher you climb. And you can even transform into a succubus!

But then, we discovered something very sad.

Edda was there… with Avere.

She looked so sad and didn’t seem like herself really.

She must have been revived after she died so she had gone mad…

We had no choice but to kill her once more to free her from her pain.

She disappeared and reappeared cleansed.

She thanked us for freeing her.

A robed figure? Could it have been an Ascian?

She disappeared and left her ring behind.

I brought it to Paiyo Reiyo, the last survivor of the group.

All is well that ends well. Right?

So I thought at the time.

Little did I know that the horror was not yet over…

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