One Punch Mog is born thanks to Mogrii Pompunch

My FC One Punch Mog was founded.

It was supposed to become the most overpowered FC in the world, so I decided the short code for it would be “OP”.

It took me a while but I managed to recruit my little niece. She is kinda skilled, I must admit.

Yet, nothing can beat my power – obviously.

After a few days, I had my niece make me a FC outfit.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

It displays power, wisdom and coolness in one simple outfit.

It might have been slightly inspired by the strongest man alive: Saitama, the rumored One Punch Man.

If we build an army of One Punch Men and Women, nobody will be able to defeat us. Ever.

With Riiko, suddenly a bunch of people joined too. It was like she had friends who follow her cause to save Eorzea.

I had no idea, she was already married and was leading a group into victories over many dangerous enemies!

Nevertheless, I managed to encourage them to help me with my marketing campaign for the FC.

We took in new members whose training I supervised.

Not sure why but they kept running from me. <.<;

So I sent lil Riiko to go instead.

Turns out, the younglings are scared of my face.

So I sent Riiko to recruit more people!

She dragged people in.

And I finally had time again to supervise the noobs.

Yet, I struggled. They ran and ran from me. Maybe they were scared of the Lalafell eating Gobbue by my side?

Yet, nothing could stop us if lil Riiko and me worked together!

Lil Riiko is also training a minion army. She is recruiting even the most adorable animals and trains them into murderous monsters.

She is such an expert and a treasure to keep.

Thanks for reading, I shall now return into the shadows and watch over my younglings from afar. ò.ÓV

Mogrii Pompunch

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