Verminion Tournament Grind: It’s all for the Minions

Grinding Verminion Tournaments makes you innovative. Summoning different humanoid minions is fun after hundreds of normal matches.


You can’t believe how entertaining it can be to break the grind with cool stuff.


After weeks of tournaments, Uzi and me had perfect scores!


Now don’t come at me with something like “cheaters” cause it’s not. The system is working as intended.

After all that work, we finally obtained the most adorable penguin minion anyone could ever imagine!!


Lil Pengi followed me anywhere!! ö.ö <3


Some time later, I also managed to obtain an other bird minion.

Isn’t it scary? ö.ö


Don’t stare too much or your soul might get taken…


By now, my minion army has risen up to 200 members. The birdies were only obtained in June/July, so that’s about half a year ago. I was busy with recruiting into my army. The training is progressing well. Soon we are ready for conquer! ò.óV


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