Riiko’s Christmas Treasure Hunt: Poncho for Potato

The story: Once upon a time there as a potato. The potato really liked a Poncho she had seen in an Eorzean Fashion magazine. But when she tried to get one, she noticed there was a password required to order the ponchos!

Your task: Follow the leads and find out the password for the little potato.

Your reward: The potato will be so happy and order an undyeable poncho for the first 3 people who help her.

How to participate: On 10.12.2016 at 10 am German time / 9 am UK time a blog post will be posted on my blog (https://riikorinkoko.wordpress.com). Follow the hints through Riiko’s blog, twitter, FC page and ingame to obtain the password.

How to win: Follow the hints and you will be guided to a page where you have to enter the password. Comment on the page with your full ingame name and the full password in the comment field. The first 3 persons who comment will get a poncho. The rewards will be distributed on 17.12.2016. Make sure you are on Excalibur server.


Good luck!


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