Aquapolis: The Trolling Treasure Trap

One day, we were bored, so we decided to do some Dragonskin maps.


Absolutely unexpectedly, a portal opened!


We were all like “whoaaaaaa”.


Then, we entered a place called Aquapolis.

It’s a place that’s all about treasure and doors.


You enter a room and defend the treasure chest from monsters. Once you have succeeded, you can open the chest and keep its content.

Then, you have to decide wether you take the left or the right door.


If you are lucky, the door you chose will open and lead you to the second chamber!

If you are unlucky, you will be warped out of Aquapolis.


A corridor leads to the next room.


Sometimes, Aquapolis is a troll.

Not just any troll. The worst troll.

The door closes, an alarm goes off, you start seeing black in front of your eyes and a little loading symbol appears…

And suddenly, a rainbow colored light fills the chamber, opening the door!

Rumors say, heart attacks frequently occur in this place.


The deeper you go, the more fancy the chambers look. The monsters also become more dangerous. Careful, fellow Lalafell, some of them adore fresh Lalas and show no mercy. >.<;


Very few times, we reached the last chamber.


It has a massive golden chest and mountains of gold and treasure lying around!


Absolutely awesome!!


Actually, in 2014, I predicted that this would happen…

Paint-2014-02-06 Treasure Hunt

This proves that I can look into the future by about 2 years! ò.óV Let me know if you need my foresight for anything :D


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