The Weeping City: How to not defeat a Demon

My battle buddies revitalized me and we ventured deeper into the ruins.

When suddenly, we were warped up above the clouds!

We fought a weird phere thing that changed its shape all the time.

When suddenly, it became a black hole and sucked us in!

Was this the end?!

Of course not.

We were warped down to the ground and had to battle Atomoses again.

When we were done, we jumped down to a small version of the round Sphere enemy.

It looked like it contained a galaxy within itself. o.o;

I was mezmerized by its beautiful appearance!

When we defeated it, we were warped up to the sky again and battled the real thing!

Afterwards, we unlocked a passage to the real depth of the ruins.

Within, a demon was waiting for us.

And this demon had severe hair issues.

Instead of nice and soft hair, her hair was able to form into sharp knifes that knocked us out easily! @_@;; Scary!

In the end, we defeated her and took her green-yellow glowing ball that she was wearing as hair decoration.

Cait Sith appeared and took it.

Apparently, it was some important piece…

When suddenly, a monster took the rival pirate leader hostage! She had been following us to take revenger for her killed buddies.

It didn’t look good for her.

But our cool pirate leader managed to stall the demon until Cait Sith was done unlocking the magical staff from within the orb.

Then, Sithy used it!

A bright light spread through the halls banishing all demons.

We returned to the pirate house.

There, the female rival leader admitted her defeat and thanked us for saving her. She also gave us a grimoire with loads of important data about the Void Ark.

I knew it wasn’t over because to big dungeon raids, there are always 3 parts. ò.ó;;

In my sleep, I had a vision.

Diablos was floating around, going on a stroll.

Then he met that demon we thought we had defeated.

They didn’t seem at all like they were close to defeat at all. O.o;

I woke up and told Sithy about it. Sithy was clearly worried and rushed into reading the Grimoire to find further clues on how to proceed.


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