The Weeping City: The Weeping is real

Some months ago, I met with the Sky pirates again.

They had some news regarding the Void Ark with the demons on board.

I was invited into their house on the flying mountain.

Inside, the boss was already waiting for me.

Smart how I am, I forgot their names again…

Anyway, I was checking with the lil lala Mechanist girl.

She looked like she was in a real pinch. Didn’t the others tell me she had repaired the compass to locate the Void Ark?

That was when she approached Cait Sith…

And cuddled him like there was no tomorrow!!

After this cuddle attack, the lala mechanic gave us the compass.

We had some serious discussions and planned out next steps.

They are of course top secret!!

All I can tell you is that we located a place where the Ark must have crashed and landed there to explore it.

Not sure why we didn’t do it through the air or while flying, but okay. Maybe we would miss something.

It looked nice at first, but you could see there were ruins hidden everywhere.

And those ruins were inhabited by the most terrifying spider-scorpion create I’ve ever seen!

Also other demons lived there that wouldn’t let us pass…

A battle erupted and I lost consciousness.

Was this the victory of the inhabitants of the Weeping City?

Who even named the place “weeping”? Was it because everyone was crying because I was knocked out?

I don’t have any other explanation.


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