An unusual Challenge in Hullbreaker Isle (Hard)

I received an unusual challenge from a quite familiar looking person. They invited me to some parts of the Hullbreaker Isle that I’ve never been to before.


There, some pirates were fighting against members of the Maelstorm. At the same time, it seemed like they were pretending to be taming dinosaurs like in Jurassic Park o.ô


When suddenly, one of the Velociraptors broke free and attacked me! O.O;;

It knocked me out. When I came to me, I found myself locked into a cage! The pirates had captured me! Nooooo!!

Thankfully, my loyal Ifrit was there to melt the metal and break me free. <3


I quickly called all my friends to help me smash the pirates into the ground.

Unfortunately, due to the demotivation and lost interest in saving Eorzea, only Loxie and Trem answered the call. Everyone else was either nowhere to be seen or busy with some obviously unimportant stuff. Nothing was as important as getting revenge on people who lock up Lalafell ò.ó


We rushed through the place and smashed any attacker.


When we arrived at some Maelstorm platform, I remembered that I was called there for a challenge!

Some Roga that I seem to have met during some important Warrior of Light business wanted to fight me.


Well, he lost, obviously.

What do you expect when facing 3 Warriors of Light at once when you’re “only some normal dude”?



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