My Delivery Moogle delivered the 7th Issue of The Moogle Post

I’m sure you all know The Moogle Post.

Wait what, you don’t? O.o Scolt your delivery Moogle and subscribe for the email-notification on their website to know when the next issue is out. Clearly your delivery Moogle has become too lazy to send it to you!

This is what my delivery Moogle brought me last week:


I’m sure he did not bring this printout of the usual online-only magazine home to me just to read his Postmoogle buddy’s story in it… <.<;;

When I told the team behind the Moogle Post about my printout, they were all excited about it! ö.ö

Of course I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take some pictures (see below) and send some positive and negative feedback to the team. My negative feedback consisted only of layouting and image quality, things you only notice when having 2 pages next to each other. Things you don’t see when there’s only one page in front of you.

And obviously, I didn’t have it printed professionally either. There’s always a white border from the printer and it’s bound together with staples. XD In addition, the 2 sided print doesn’t have the pages 100% on top of each other so I couldn’t cut the white border away. ;_;

In case you wanna see more and bigger pictures of the printout, check my imgur gallery here:

Would be pretty cool if the magazine would be released as printout! But then again, as it’s a team from the USA, they would print it there. Obviously a delivery to Europe would by quite costly. >.<;

And then there is the copyright topic.

I wish the Moogle Post team all the best! Please keep up the good work.

Looking forward to next month’s issue.


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