A Relic (not) upgraded

Three months ago, I met this lovely Au Ra lady in Idyllshire. She had been lurking around that place before but finally had opened a booth. What was remarkable is her pet: A white glowing pretty big Carbuncle.

2016-06-08 Relic Weapon 01

Turns out, she is an expert for Relic weapons – or at least for the spiritual part. She can see my little soul-fairy-creature and talk to him!

2016-06-08 Relic Weapon 02

Obviously, Anima was a bit shocked at first, thinking she meant us harm.

2016-06-08 Relic Weapon 03

But I reassured that she could help us to become stronger.

3 months have passed since and from 240 possible increases, I have finished 69… It can only take about a year until I’m done… <.<;

Any tips how to make eso and poetic tomestones obtaining easier, more attractive and more fun? @.@;

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