A busy Lalafell: How to (not) relax

After a successful Lalafell dancing session at the Gold Saucer, I needed a break. As much as it had been fun, I needed my well-deserved rest.

2016-05-27 Gold Saucer Lalafell Gate

What could be more relaxing that sitting at the Leviathan fountain with little Mag?

2016-05-28 Housing Magatsu 01

I’ll answer that question: More relaxing would be to sit at the fountain without Mag who constantly moves furniture “o_ó;;

So I moved on to check out if Nez had someting bed-like in her house.

She did.

It was so cozy, that even Chelci came to test it out!

2016-05-31 Housing Nezara 01

After the nap, I woke up refreshed and full of power…

…which I directly offered to the Moogle God in Nez’s house to thank him for the hospitality.

2016-05-31 Housing Nezara 02

With my powers drained again, I just went home and fell asleep in the newly designed garden.

2016-06-09 Housing update resting


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