Stone Sky Sea: Unlocked but never entered!

About one and a half year ago, I talked to this dude:

2016-02-23 Stone Sky Sea 01

He told me about “Stone, Sky, Sea”, short SSS….. uhh. awkward abbreviation…

2016-02-23 Stone Sky Sea 02

It was a training ground to test your DPS.

With Heavensward and the level cap raise just released, i felt uncomfortable to try it.

In addition, something fell from the sky!

2016-02-23 Stone Sky Sea 03

Was it… Bahamut’s offspring?!

2016-02-23 Stone Sky Sea 04

Upon closer investigation, it was a training dummy that was imbued with an immense amount of magic.

2016-02-23 Stone Sky Sea 05

It had “hit me if you can” written all over it.

So I decided to flee and train.

The years have passed and I found these old pictures. Is it maybe time to test my DPS as a Summoner or my skills as a White Mage?


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