Loxie became a Lalafell

Remember Loxie, the Miqo girl who hated Lalafell and wanted them to perish from Eorzea?

Well guess what:

2016-06-01 Loxie Lalafell 01

Loxie became a Lalafell boy! O_O;;;

Everyone was shocked, onyl I was dancing happily, taking pictures while it lasted.

Of course I expected Loxie to transform back into a catgirl the next morning.

2016-06-01 Loxie Lalafell 02

Mag wasn’t amused, he thought Loxie was flirting with me (at least I see no other reason why Mag would hold a sword to Loxie’s neck).

2016-06-01 Loxie Lalafell 03

Leonie didn’t believe us when we talked about Loxie, the Lalafell. To Leonie’s surprise, it was the truth!

2016-06-01 Loxie Lalafell 04

I’m still not sure what happened, but it did happen. To this day, Loxie is a wonderful Lalafell, enriching our small group with joy and world domination plans. :D


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