Chocobo breeding: The path to the perfect Racing Chocobo

My career as Racing Chocobo trainer started a bit… harsh.

At first, it took forever to rank up my little Chocobo. Than I mistook rank and rating and retired it too early so that I wouldn’t get a breeding permit. There was also no warning message about it.

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 02

Then, the gods were kind enough to increase the experience gained through racing adn I went for it again. My new racing chocobo was soon ready to be retired.

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 01

My first covering was a big mess. I didn’t know what I was doing.

I bred the following, my chocobo on the left:

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 03

They looked so happy when I locked them into the love barrn.

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 04

A day later, a fully grown Chocobo welcomed me!

You’ve grown so fast, little offspring ö.ö

I shall call you Sweet Biscuit!

(Please note: The name was not chosen because I was fancying bisquits at the time. This has nothing to do with each other!)

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 05

Together, we were racing and racing. Training day and night.

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 06

Finally, it was time to retire her and partner her up with some dude.

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 07

As result, I got Kleine Heldin (little heroine).

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 08

When she was old enough, I got the offspring Neo Phoenix.

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 09

And then I finally got a guy: Green Lady!

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 10

As you notices before, the parentage on the male side got better and better. All the 2-stars were replaced by 3-stars or better. But the female side was still having the awful 1-star in it. I was not smart, but it now had to stop.

Green Lady was special. he won so many races and did brilliant work.

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 11

And then, he gave me a little daughter with astonishing stats: Daring Zu.

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 12

Daring Zu was the first Chocobo to win a Challenge for me!

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 13

I was so happy when she managed to do it! Unfortunately, all the following Challenges were even harder, so I only progressed slow with them.

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 14

It was already the 6th generation when I retired Daring Zu.

She brought forward a rebel called Gold Digga. He had a 2-star stat which I accepted only because I was low on MGP and couldn’t afford to buy more potential partners…

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 15

Gold Digga was a real Gold Digga. He won challenges, races and was successfull without limits.

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 16

He brought forward a lovely daughter called Kleine Nova (little nova). A pure explosion.

Unfortunately, not as prize winning in the races as hoped. She would explode in rage when someone overtook her, so all her stamina was gone waaaaay before we reached the goal. ;_;

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 17

I quickly retired her and got Solar Eclipse. As you can see, all the stats are 3-4 stars. Now, with pedigree 8, I had to only use super awesome partners for breeding which was difficult due to RNG and MGP restrictions.

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 18

So once Solar Eclipse came of age, I made him a little drunk and pair him with his mother, Kleine Nova.

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 19

What could possibly go wrong?


So I got a pretty awesome pedi8 offspring, Lunar Flower.

2016-04-09 Chocobo breeding 20

The only thing left to do now is to level her up, let her have an offspring with her dad that already had her with his mother and her grandmother/mother! All stats have a 50% or higher chance to become 4-stars except for the male Maximum Speec stat from Solar. To get rid of this, I will have the pedi 9 offspring have interaction with their parents again to get rid of the 3 stars once and for all. ò.ó

The plan is perfect, it only needs my execution.

Welcome to Chocobo racing, where incest is okay.

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