Adamantoise’s Blush Bistro: And why I can never visit it…?

The Moogle Post advertized the Blush Bistro on Adamantoise. It sounded really great. So I created a character on their server to check it out.


“Right now we are: OPEN”, it said and I was surprised how my timing was perfect without knowing in advance what their opening hours are.

Neat, I thought, and checked out their garden first.

They have tables outside for nice summer evenings to enjoy tasty meals.


Strangely enough, there was nobody at the counter, but maybe they were inside.


When I checked the door, the house was not open to public.


Then I checked the sign more closely:


Thanks to Google I managed to calculate the EST ist GMT+2 +6 hours. So it’s actually open from 2am until 6am my time.

Since this are major sleeping times, I will most likely never be able to visit it when it’s open. ;_;

Not like I would have been able to buy much with the roughly 500 gil I had on this character anyway. XD

I hope many of you will be able to go and check it out though. You don’t even need to do the lv15 quest for the Lavender Beds – that is only to unlock the teleport from gridania Aetherite to the housing area directly. Just walk there fron Gidania and you’re good to join the Bistro.

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