Old friend Cadant Cantarella from Hyperion

During a time of demotivation over 2 years ago, I hapened to meet my old friend Cradant in Duties. Over and over. He’s been playing in FFXI already and together with several other friends, we fought in Limbus a lot. During the FFXIV 1.0 times, we all fought together, until me, Loxie, Leonie and several others went back to FFXI. Scott remained in Eorzea but I’m not sure about Cradant.

You might know him from this comic.

It was only about 2 years ago when suddenly, he poped in Stoone Vigil as I was leveling uhh… Was it Black Mage maybe?

2015-07-22 Cradant 01

We ended up chatting a little, to update what’s new. He was now leader of a small Free company on Hyperion!

2015-07-22 Cradant 02

He also told me to slap Loxie.

So I did. Loxie was not amused but asked me to return the favours should I ever end up in a duty with Crad again.

2015-07-22 Cradant 03

Funnily, during my Astrologian leveling, Cradant was in a Guild Hest, leveling his Ninja! o.o;;

2015-07-22 Cradant 04

And a few days or maximum a week afterwards, he showed up in Leveling Roulette: Haukke Manor.

2015-07-22 Cradant 05

2015-07-22 Cradant 06

So after a while of Crad not appearing magically in my duties and I became a bit drained from heavensward, I created a character on Hyperion to check out this rumored FC of Crad.

They have a nice little house in the Lavender beds.

2015-07-22 Cradant 07

The interior is designed and frequently changed by Sandy. Crad is honored as a god… <.<; Well played, Crad!

2015-07-22 Cradant 08

I also got to know Crad’s friends who craft or do cool glamours or adore housing. A really family-like atmosphere! Everyone is very nice and welcoming, even if my character is JUST high enough to enter the Lavender beds and is not even my main chara.

Well done, Crad!

2015-07-22 Cradant 09

My lil Au Ra girl always has a little dragon with her. Well, you might say, “it’s just a little raptor”, but if you look closely, he does have wings, right? Judging from the size of his eyes, he is still a kid and will grow up into a very fine dragon. And he will remember your awful comments! “O_´´o

2015-07-22 Cradant 10

Another day, I checked out the Thaumaturge Guild. Suddenly, my cute chara didn’t look cute anymore.

Rather like some evil demon who is about to take over the world with her Lalafell minions! x___x;;

2015-07-22 Cradant 11

From time to time, during seasonal events, I log back on her to do the events and to check how lil Crad is doing. Usually, he says, he’s bored and doesn’t know what to do. Guess that’s how most of us feel inbetween patches. At the same time, he’s nearly done with the Mentor roulette achievement! x___x; Respect!! Hope, you get it soon. :D

See you around~



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