The Rising 2016: A play about the battle against Bahamut

It’s been 3 years since I started my adventures after the Calamity. At the same time, a caravan of actors arrived in Ul’dah. They were gathering stories about the Calamity in all Eorzea and were finally preparing to perform their act.

Unfortunately, their Lalafell actor who was to play the role of the Warrior of Light, got injured during practice. I was already worried but they told me they had found the perfect replacement for him, and I shouldn’t worry about it.

2016-08-27 The Rising Blog Post 07

Who would have thought they had casted my long lost aunt?!!!

2016-08-27 The Rising Blog Post 06

After all, i was supposed to be the center of attention, no? Whenever some issue occurs, I’m there to help out! Why would they chose someone else?

I had already seen myself as hero of the day…

2016-08-27 The Rising Blog Post 08

Anyway, they held several performances and of course I documented all of them. You can find them in the menu bar on top of the page and here:

The Rising 2016

Of course, I have arranged them so that you can also quick jump to any ending you would like to see:

2016-08-27 The Rising 2016 50

After the show, my aunt Riiko gained all the praise of the performers.

2016-08-27 The Rising Blog Post 02

Even the viewers loved her performance and she had to go back on stage for them to cheer her on SEVERAL TIMES!

2016-08-27 The Rising Blog Post 03

Who would have gessed I was really salty about the whole thing.

2016-08-27 The Rising Blog Post 10

After a long conversation with the Wandering Minstrel, I calmed down.

I should be happy that my aunt is alive and doing well. After all, I do have so many questions to ask her about where she has been and what she had been doing.

2016-08-27 The Rising Blog Post 09

After the performances were all over, she disappeared again. But now that I’ve found her, there is no way she will escape me again!


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