Verminion Adventures

Uziel and me played a lot of Verminion in order to obtain the amazing Penguin minion. We’re not there yet, but we’re getting there ò.óV

On our way, we fought with amazing minion armies, such as my little army of books.

2016-06-01 Verminion 01

A bombastic battle emerged eventually when I tried to blow up Uziel’s minions and crystals.

2016-06-01 Verminion 02

But eventually, I tried out other minions and figured out, these here were kinda um… useless…?

After all, they were just cushions. How were they gonna attack his minions or even destroy crystals? <.<;;

2016-06-01 Verminion 03

In the end I had to resort to extreme measures and summon forth my Primal army.

2016-06-01 Verminion 04

Who wouldn’t shiver in fear when you see them all running towards you?!

2016-06-01 Verminion 05

After our battles, Uzi and me were 2nd and 3rd on the tournament ranking board.

Way to go, us! :D

2016-06-01 Verminion 06

Soon you will be ours, Penguin minion.


2016-05-27 SOON


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