Chelci, the beautiful and elegant Healer

In our daily adventures, either Chelci, Loxie or me are playing healer roles.

Chelci is usually reliable, but sometimes, things just go out of hand.

2016-05-25 Chelci 01

While being a good healer, she also looks very elegant.

Not sure how she does it but when I try to look like her, I look like a fat potato. Just can’t figure out why that is.

2016-05-25 Chelci 02

She also doesn’t like when I secretly take pictures of her.

2016-05-25 Chelci 03

But it’s not my fault if she changes outfits while I’m present. She should know me by now ò.ó;

Anyway, she has got a good fashion sense when she’s all dressed up :D


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