Fashion God Uziel: Dragoon style

What do you mean, you haven’t heard of the Fashion God Uziel?! O_O;

Well that has to change!

First of all he’s a powerful Dragoon. His armor looks just as powerful and he is surrounded by an Aura with the power of the Valyries from ancient legends.

2016-04-18 Uziel Fashion 01

He knows what is the best outfit for any occasion. In PvP encounters, he wears the most awful looking outfit so that whenever his enemies see him, they find him so awful, that they must kill him. This way, he has saved the lives of many healers from his team and has earned their eternal gratitude.

2016-04-18 Uziel Fashion 02

Next, he showed his pink pants outfit. It was so hot that Leonie fainted and had to br brought to a hospital.

2016-04-18 Uziel Fashion 03

To test how mentally strong I was, Uzi kept showing more and more skin. But I stayed strong and didn’t faint! ò.ó

2016-04-18 Uziel Fashion 04

Especially his metallic shorts were remarkably…. unique.

2016-04-18 Uziel Fashion 05

When it comes to serious battles, nobody can beat him or his epicness.

2016-04-18 Uziel Fashion 06

He knows his manners and honors those who save his life (like me).

2016-04-18 Uziel Fashion 07

We won’t rest until Uzi Fashion has spread through Eorzea!

2016-04-18 Uziel Fashion 08


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