My new Healer Glamour, blessed by gods!

With my change back to a Lalafell it was time to find a new Healer Glamour.

Why not try to look like in my old Paint Comics?

2016-05-09 WHM Glamour 01

After glamouring, I went to Fashion God Uziel to ask if he approved or not.

At first he was a bit doubtful… <.<

But I wouldn’t let him go on his duties before he approved.

So he finally approved! ö.ö

2016-05-09 WHM Glamour 02

Next, I went to praise the Moogle God that lived in Nez’ house.

2016-05-09 WHM Glamour 04

I also summoned the pwoers of Bahamut to strengthen my gamour.

2016-05-09 WHM Glamour 03

Finally, I met with Mag outside. We summoned our most epic mounts and rode forth into battle!

2016-05-25 Lalas on epic mounts


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