A Lalafell life is the best life – Part 2

You know why the life of a Lalafell is great?

Well, for example, you do the Novice training, right? And you do everything they ask. But when you check your pictures later on, the abilities you use are so fancy, they hide you completely from the sight of your enemies! ö.ö Best camouflage ever.

2016-02-27 Training 01

Only Lalafell find the time to discover awesome sunsets.

2016-02-29 Landscape Sea of Clouds

Sometimes, people ask me to meld materia for them and I gladly accept.

No, I’m not charging gil for it. Why would I? It’s fun to help others, especially when it’s low effort for me :D (Back then, the NPC melders weren’t available yet.)

2016-02-28 Melding for strangers

A bit later, mag had also turned back into a Lalafell.

Together, we posed like the super cool couple we are.

2016-02-29 MCH cool poses 03

Shooting accuracy: over 9000%

2016-02-29 MCH cool poses 02

We’re just that awesome ö.ö

2016-02-29 MCH cool poses 01

Here is me flying with the power of Aether.

2016-03-11 Riiko flying glitter 01

I’m so cool that I can do it easily. But only whenever I want, so don’t pressure me into doing it, ok? “O_´´o

2016-03-11 Riiko flying glitter 02

The other day, I also met the little Miqo girl in Idyllshire again!

2016-04-25 Lil catgirl Idyllshire

And I found this rusty bucket standing around.

My thought was: How awesome would it be to have a rusty bucket for the house?

2016-03-04 Rusty Bucket

Instead, the gods of Eorzea gave us a rusty bucket minion that I yet have to fish. Only about 2×99 lures used so far…


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