A Lalafell life is the best life

Finally, I was a Lalafell again!

2016-04-16 Riiko Lala 01

Even my Bard outfit looked pretty epic. ö.ö

2016-04-16 Riiko Lala 02

And I finally could go back to hig legs again. It had always felt a bit awful to hug someone as Au Ra as my boobies would get in the way sometimes. Now, my round tummy is rubbing against the legs and every time I hug someone, I feel like they are petting my tummy. ö.ö

2016-04-16 Riiko Lala 03

I must also say that my true powers were sealed away when I was in my Au Ra form. Now, I destroy enemies like they were made of sugar when it’s raining.

2016-04-16 Riiko Lala 04

Mag wasn’t that impressed when I showed of my amazing Lalafell body to him… <.<;

2016-04-16 Riiko Lala 05

I wasn’t too happy about that and retreated into the Ishgard market board area.

2016-04-16 Riiko Lala 06

But just sitting there became boring really quickly, so I traveled around a bit.

That’s where I found a really kind couple who wanted to adopt me and my “Fenrir Mount – Lala version”.

2016-04-18 Lala meets cool people 01

It’s close enough, right?!


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