Life of a Machinist is so tough, you could…

…transform into a Lala if you use its full powers!

You think I’m making this up? Well, I will prove it’s true by telling you a story of my Machinist life.

One fine day, I was attacked by a giant monster.

2016-04-01 MCH 01

Everyone present was shocked and thought I’d die for sure.

2016-04-01 MCH 02

But I have the best allies in the world who shot it before it could harm me!

2016-04-01 MCH 03

Joye and my Machinist teacher always appear right on time :D

2016-04-01 MCH 04

She had been absent from our group for a while, trying to follow her family’s will to marry and become a lovely lady – but it just wasn’t the right thing for her.

2016-04-01 MCH 05

We celebrated big time, when suddenly, the awful Elezen noble dud appeared.

2016-04-01 MCH 06

As if the monsters and dragons had smelled it, they started attacking again, but this time, they attacked the Elezen dude!

2016-04-01 MCH 08

Ha, serves him right, some would think but honestly, nobody deserves to die just like that.

(Maybe there are some exceptions like Joffrey or Ramsay who everyone wants to see dead.)

We came to the rescue and I unleashed my true Machinist powers!

2016-04-01 MCH 10

“Welcome Back, lil Riiko”, Joye welcomed me back in my true Lalafell form.

Everyone was happy to have me back as the little potato of doom, the fighting cookie, the tiny deathbringer.

2016-04-01 MCH 09

Hell yeah, I looked more fabulous than ever and could feel how my back suddenly felt more relieved!

2016-04-01 MCH 11

After saving everyone, we had a big celebration at the guild.

2016-04-01 MCH 07

I even got promoted as professional Machinist and basically graduated from the guild. :D

2016-04-01 MCH 12

Long live the Lalafell power!


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