Bardventures: A Siren’s Song is not a Lala song

That was when I heard a harp play. It was the Bard!

2016-03-05 BRD 11

He had returned and acted all cool like he was never gonna let us down.

2016-03-05 BRD 12

In the end, I slayed the siren while the others just watched.

2016-03-05 BRD 13

They all pretended like it had be them who had slayed the beast.

2016-03-05 BRD 14

Angrily, I flew off, leaving the Lancer and the Bard alone so they could talk. They had been in a quarrel about THe true song forever and it was time for them to talk it through.

2016-03-05 BRD 15

I returned to my old Bard trainer in the Shroud and received his blessing to call myself an Expert Bard.

2016-03-05 BRD 16

Next, I asked Thyla to craft me that amazing visor that I had been hunting in Coil T2 for like forever but never got the drop. Now it was craftable and lookef perfect with my new Bard Outfit.

2016-03-05 BRD 17

Of course I had to show it off to everyone.

2016-03-05 BRD 18

People were impressed, I was happy and we ended up with a dance party in my basement.

2016-03-05 BRD 19

Things got a liiiiittle out of hand after a while…

2016-03-05 BRD 20

Eh, and this is how I became a pro Bard. I still don’t use that casting bard thing cause it’s awful…. eh..


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