Bardventures: Searching for THE song

Just to get it done, I helped out the Lancer dude to find THE song. It was supposed to be some awesome epic antique song of the songs that he was searching for months already. The BRD friend who had accompanied us had left by now as he didn’t believe a simple Laner would be able to find an epic song just like that.

The Moogles in Moghome were eager to help us as they sniffed kupo nut rewards.

2016-03-05 BRD 01

For some readon, the Lancer got all flirty with me when he realized I wa sno longer a Lalafell.

A short extremely evil look scared him away.

2016-03-05 BRD 02

We explored the Sea of Clouds where the Moogles had locked a Siren who had sung a special song in the past. But she was sealed away now. The Lancer believed that her song was THE song.

2016-03-05 BRD 03

We arrived at the stone where the Siren was sealed.

2016-03-05 BRD 04

The moogle that lead us, Mogta, was all like: “DON’T TOUCH THAT ROCK.”

2016-03-05 BRD 05

Guess why Hyurs are considered the most stupid race in Eorzea.

Correct, the Lancer touched the stone.

2016-03-05 BRD 06

This released the Siren!

She was pretty hot.

2016-03-05 BRD 07

But her song was not.

It was more of a deadly requiem, hurting our ears.

2016-03-05 BRD 08

Mogta was furious too!

2016-03-05 BRD 10

They had sealed her away ages ago and now, this awful Hyur had released her. If only there was someone who was strong enough to slay her… like the Warrior of Light!


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