Minion Army Newcomers

When I was still a Lalafell, I aquired new Minions for my Army.

The little butterfly was a present from Mag <3<3

2016-03-08 Riiko Minions 01

Isn’t it adorable? The butterfly is cute too. :D

2016-03-08 Riiko Minions 02

I liked it so much that we merged and I transformed into a butterfly myself!

2016-03-08 Riiko Minions 03

I also have an adorable penguin.

2016-03-08 Riiko Minions 04

Did I say “have”? I meant “have seen and fed”. It’s not mine… ;_;

I also got this new Lalafell only Mount:

2016-03-08 Riiko Minions 05

Just kidding, it’s someone else’s minion too T_T

My minion wish list looked like this and I was closely monitoring the prices.

2016-03-08 Riiko Minions 06

Eventually, the Hunting Hawk dropped in price at the same time I became an Au Ra.

This was clearly a sign!

2016-03-08 Riiko Minions 07

Hunt, my loyal bird! We shall hunt down our prey relentlessly! ò.ó;;

2016-03-08 Riiko Minions 08

While I still have to work a lot on my army, I am proud to say it’s one of the biggest from our LS :D


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