Battle of an Au Ra lady

Au Ras are surprisingly fierce and ruthless when it comes to battling.

Needless to say, I became a little fighting beauty! ò.óV

Mag presented me his battle bear that I inspected if it was ready to be taken into battle. It was in perfect confition.

2016-03-18 Riiko Au Ra 08

Before battle, we spend some cuddle time in my house.

2016-03-18 Riiko Au Ra 09

Then, we beat the most dangerous foes together! ò.ó Nothing could stop us!

2016-03-18 Riiko Au Ra 10

We explored new areas and sometimes also took friends like Loxie with us.

2016-03-18 Riiko Au Ra 11

When the battle turned to our disadvantage, I saved the day and the people by using the Revival Healer Limit Break by praying to the Twelve.

2016-03-29 Healer LB3

I’m just that cool. ò.óV

All the guys in Eorzea are now looking at me while I run past them. Even Scott was impressed ö.ö

2016-03-18 Riiko Au Ra 14

Trem was so amazed by my newly gained beauty that he tried to burn and kick me out of the LS…

2016-03-18 Riiko Au Ra 12

Guess he was just a little jealous so I poked him with my bow and told him to calm down.

He was not amused.

2016-03-18 Riiko Au Ra 13

Later, I also upgraded my relic. Woohoo! It’s now glowing!

2016-04-15 Relic upgrade 01

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