Eggcellent Easter Event 2016: The Transformation

I’m sure you’re a bit confused:

Easter is already passed for several months.

Why was Riiko an Au Ra girl?

What is wrong with you, Riiko?!

I shall give you the answers.

First of all, my blog is a bit in delay with the blog posts. It’s currently beginning of July and I’m writing about things that happened 2-3 months ago.

Next, I have to tell you about the Easter Egg event in order to explain what happened.

2016-03-15 Egghunt 01

The celebrations were big and you could see adventurers taking a break from their daily fights and carrying easter eggs through town.

2016-03-15 Egghunt 02

Everyone was eager to try out the attractions and booths offered during the event. As usualy, the decoration was stunningly beautiful and they even had amazing surprises prepared for us:

A giant egg that was rolling through town!

2016-03-15 Egghunt 03

Everyone hunted down that egg!

2016-03-15 Egghunt 04

And when it stood still, everyone tried to apply some glittering magic item on it in order to obtain loot to trade in for cool gear.

Mag was the only one skilled enough to dance on the egg – even while it was moving!

2016-03-15 Egghunt 11

After a bit of celebration, we found a Spriggan that was holding an egg and wouldn’t let go of it. It always cuddled it strongly. Something was off about it…

When I asked further, it turnes out that the egg was actually heavier than the others and warm!

That could only mean one thing!

2016-03-15 Egghunt 07

Mag and me tried to convince the Spriggan to breed out the egg all together.

2016-03-15 Egghunt 08

After a while, the Chocobo association came to us and took the egg away into safety. <.<;

Not long after, the little chick hatched.

I kinda with that it would have hatched while the Spriggan was there.  Spriggy would’ve been so happy.

2016-03-15 Egghunt 06

Anyway, afterwards we checked all the eggs we could find to see if there were any other little chicks in the eggs.

But we couldn’t find any.

2016-03-15 Egghunt 10

Happy Easter everyone, even if it’s a bit late now…

2016-03-15 Egghunt 09

Later, we celebrated and tried out the other attractions.

I was so enthusiastic, that I hit Mag with my staff >.<;; uuups!

2016-03-15 Egghunt 12

Late at night we returned to my home and celebrated around the egg pyramid.

2016-03-15 Egghunt 13

We were dancing and laughing and celebrating, when suddenly, we got all dizzy and fainted.

When we woke up a few moments later (I think), we had turned into beautifully curved adult ladies! (O/////O;)

2016-03-15 Egghunt 14

I had become a really pretty Au Ra lady and Mag? Well, I prefered to hide him in my house so that nobody tries to steal this beauty from me! ò.ó;

2016-03-15 Egghunt 15

First thing I had to do in my new body was to look for Loxie and present my amazing hotness to her!

2016-03-15 Egghunt 16

Such an amazing Easter-Wonder-Magic Event! ö.ö


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